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Directed by Sandy Allan, fully qualified IFMGA Mountain Guide.

We specialise in private guiding and we have Guides available throughout the world for any mountaineering-related activity. For mountaineering activities in the UK of a less technical standard we also supply fully UK qualified mountain instructors.

For European walking holidays we normally supply IFMGA Mountain Guides who speak reasonable if not perfect Engish! However for European walking trips on terrain avoiding glaciers we do utilize and can supply fully qualified International Mountain Leaders, however if there is any technical rope climbing then we always use IFMGA mountain guides. Please contact us for further details by emailing us on


Private guidingPRICE: The price depends on the activity, number of people being guided, the mountains or route chosen and the level of technical difficulty undertaken. To give you a general idea of our prices you can expect it to range from around  £235.00 per day in UK and from £350.00 per day for

European mountain guiding. Depending on the activity and technical difficulty the guide can often take two or more people on his rope. So to estimate a price simply divide the guide rate by the number of people in your party. However we will advise you on the “Client to Guide ratio” or “student to instructor ratio” as many of these are legally (sensibly) set in the alps for each particular mountain. For example, on the Matterhorm the guiding ratio is “1:1” for Mont Blanc its “2:1”. For very technical climbs on high mountains it’s usually 2:1 or 1:1. For easy mountaineering and scrambling it can be up to four persons on the guide’s rope and for non-roped activities and instruction we can take up to 4, 5 or perhaps 8. For very challenging climbs such as the north face of the Eiger there are special rates. Do feel free to simply email us and we will clarify the ratio and will be pleased to commit to a price if we are happy to guide the climb or mountain or the activity you have in mind.

Private guidingIt’s also customary  to pay the guides hut nights, feeding costs and cable cars. This is especially true if you take the guide away from his/her home base. Guides often get substantial discount in many mountain huts and cablecars  and we pass this discount on to you. 

We are currently  preparing for the Scottish Winter season 2017/2018. All  our courses are available through out the winter. Our prices are:

Winter skills  2 day weekend (essential core skills) £180.00 per person group size 3 to 6 persons.

Winter mountaineering/climbing : 2 day £240.00 per person. 5 Day £550.00 per person group size 3 persons to 4 persons.

Winter climbing  2 person group: 2 day £250.00 pr person. 5 day  £600.00 per person.

Please contact us direct for any questions, private guiding or individual bookings, other customised activities  such as hill walking and ski touring or to arrange private dates. email: